The Issues

Below are some of the issues important to Jeremiah Keeler.

Thank you and reach out with any additional questions.

Moving Michigan's economy forward

Moving Michigan's economy forward:

After two years of economic turmoil for Michigan families and Michigan businesses now is the time to put our economy first and celebrate businesses once again instead of making it harder for them to survive. I am committed to help Michigan become the economic powerhouse that it has the potential to be.



I am 100% committed to protecting all life and that certainly includes God's beautiful creation of life in the womb. The most basic human right we can protect is life itself.

Combating inflation

Combating inflation:

Being raised on a farm I have first hand experience with what the crippling effect of inflation can have on a family and on an economy. I am committed to help cut red tape on business allowing production and supply the opportunity to prevail.

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